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The colonel edged his car forward and drove straight into the path of a London-bound express.

Signalmen, who were assigned the box at Connington, would often hear the sound of locked gates apparently being opened and closed.

There was the infamous election campaign of 1855, when the Crown was being used as a political headquarters by one of the candidates and rival supporters attacked the inn.

They shattered the windows, smashed crockery and broke many of the drinking vessels until, their frustrations vented, they proceeded with a noble attempt to drink the pub dry!

Mellows was driving his black Chrysler car towards the crossing at around 5.30pm. Colonel Mellows was buried with full Civic honours and his dog was subsequently laid to rest alongside the stretch of line where the accident had occurred.

At the end of the show they finally get to see who they have chosen. It use to be a show with an interesting mix of real people, but 3 episodes into the new series and it has been full of shallow TV wannabes, gone from must see to turn-off telly.please can i go on dating in the dark i have a rash of hideous boils and no one loves me perhaps if they cannot see my hideous boils and hairy bacterial-vaginosis infected mangina a woman will like me.Seven people have been arrested and six addresses have been raided in Birmingham and elsewhere in connection with the Westminster terror attack, Mark Rowley, the Met's senior anti-terror officer, has said.If your mind ventures back further into the foggy mists of time you can imagine the excited wool merchants’ family, for whom the property was first built, moving in to their brand new home in the year 1495.And, on opening your eyes, you may just catch a fleeting glimpse of one of the many ghosts that flit about its rooms.

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