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Posted by / 12-Nov-2015 20:59

In spite of the many downsides you’ve just read, the average men will appreciate the talent in Croatia more than my diminishing favorite, Poland.My experience in Croatia did take away the glow I had on Polish girls because the quality I banged in Croatia was indisputably higher.Unfortunately, a large percentage of Croatian girls have boyfriends, but of course there are still many single girls around. It’s a no-brainer to pick Croatia over Ukraine, though the verdict is still out on who makes a better girlfriend.Beware: the word is out on Croatian girls and you will have to deal with other love tourist competition in the next five years. My game in Croatia automatically turned cocky because of the amount of attitude I encountered.You want to dump those prospects if you’re not staying long. A common issue you’ll find on the first date is girls who want to bring their friends along. You need to push the interaction as far as you can go.

Ten years down the line, this may set up an excess supply issue that facilitates Croatian mail-order bride businesses. Ignore reports on the internet that Croatian sea resorts during the summer are a great place to bang local girls. The sea resorts are huge sausage fests (both foreign and domestic sausage) and the girls know their value.At an age where they should have a softer vibe in the hopes of competing against their younger counterparts, they can be a pain in the ass to deal with. You’ll be able to smell them a mile away: impeccably dressed and done-up with the highest heels but wearing a constant bitch face.They don’t care if the guy is in the mafia or in the board room as long as he’s a big fish.Croatian girls are the pickiest I’ve encountered, with many girls openly criticizing me early in the approach about my physical flaws or chosen line of conversation.Not only will they constantly judge you, but they will do so in undiplomatic terms. Girls with boyfriends will be completely open to an approach, not dropping that fact until late in the game.

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