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Dating bad credit

Someone with a low credit score may be irresponsible with money, or may be carrying a large, unexpected medical debt and pay all other bills on time."Knowing someone's score is important, but it's much more important to know someone's attitudes toward money," says Friedman, author of the book "I Now Pronounce You Financially Fit: How to Protect Your Money in Marriage and Divorce." Asking someone to disclose their credit score before the first date may be a bit extreme, but April Masini, a New York City-based relationship and etiquette expert, says you should discuss scores within the first three months of dating, while you're learning about the other person and deciding whether to continue seeing him or her."Knowing whether you have compatible financial outlooks and practices is part of that learning curve," says Masini, author of the Ask April advice column.

Other financial experts say you can wait to discuss credit scores until you're planning to invest in property together or are considering marriage."I would probably think that discussion would happen in a very normal situation before wedding bells, before a proposal," says Gina Mc Kague, president and founder of Mc Kague Financial in Livonia, Michigan.

Couples that are forced to rely too heavily on one partner’s credit score end up creating a rift, demoralizing, and alienating the sub-prime partner.

This inadvertent alienation may also create resentment and fracture what was once a solid relationship.

Today’s challenging economic times has men and women looking for responsible, dependable, stable, and mature mates.

by: Michael Creditfirm The credit score, a metric for quantifying a consumers creditworthiness has grown to become an invaluable factor in determining qualification for cell phone service, housing, employment, and now…relationships.

Yes, that’s right, these days your credit score may determine whether or not you score, excuse the bad pun.

The survey was conducted April 14-17, 2016, by Princeton Survey Research Associates International and included responses from 1,000 adults living in the continental United States.

The margin of error is plus or minus 3.7 percentage points.

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Not surprising, these are the same exact qualities lenders look for when lending money.