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It is home to the world renowned Lake District and its landscapes consist of scenic lakes and green lowlands, to windswept moors and coastal plains to the west.

Because of its natural surroundings it is an ideal place for outdoor activities and the county maintains a family friendly atmosphere.

Until the Industrial Revolution, the use of traditional number systems was common among shepherds, especially in the dales of the Lake District.

The Yan Tan Tethera system was also used for counting stitches in knitting. Though most of these number systems fell out of use by 1910, some are still in use.

Joan Aiken's children's book The Cuckoo Tree features ten "Gentlemen" named Yan, Tan, Tethera, Methera, Pip, Sethera, Wineberry, Wagtail, Tarrydiddle and Den.

The children's album Fiddle Up a Tune by Eric Nagler features a song "Yan Tan Tethera," whose eponymous phrase begins an incantation used to calm leprechauns: "Yan tan tethera, one two three: All you little ones, let us be.

The counting systems have changed considerably over time.

The English composer Harrison Birtwistle (born 1934) composed a chamber opera entitled Yan Tan Tethera (subtitled "a mechanical pastoral") in 1984 with a libretto by the poet Tony Harrison.

The folk string quartet Methera have numbered their albums YAN001, TAN002, and TET003.

In the second series of Catweazle, the eponymous character counts using a form of Yan Tan; this is part of the writer Carpenter's detailed research into historical accuracy for his 1066 wizard character.

The "yan tan teth'ra" system of counting is said to be used for "important things," such as sheep and grandchildren.

(They also use it for groups counting in unison before lifting heavy objects, but usually those are sheep or kine they're stealing.) In a novel by Bernard Cornwell, Azincourt, the central character is an English archer, preparing for battle in 1415. He did it in the old way of the country, like a shepherd counting his flock, just as his father had taught him.

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English chansonnier Jake Thackray wrote, performed and recorded a song about a shepherdess, entitled Old Molly Metcalfe, with the refrain Yan Tean Tether Mether Pip she counted.