Consolidating itunes libraries windows

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Due to the large size of most i Tunes libraries, consolidating them isn't as simple as burning a CD and loading it on the new computer.Luckily, there are a number of methods--some free, some with small costs--that can make this process easier.Do not choose "Erase and Sync"--you'll erase your music before you move it.If the window doesn't appear, go to the File menu and choose "Transfer Purchases from i Pod."The i Tunes Store purchases on the i Pod will then move to the new i Tunes library.

Just copy sub folders from your Music folder on one computer to the corresponding folder path on the other computer.And it can avoid producing duplication among different i OS devices. And select the destination file on it so as to save all of them. For example, the path of my i Tunes library for Window 7 is: C:...\...\Music\i Tunes\i Tunes Media.Case 2: Merge i Tunes libraries between the different operating system. Let's plugin the external hard drive to the other computer. But the path of My i Mac is...\Music\i Tunes\i Tunes Media. Maybe the third party software such as Power Tunes helps us to solve this problem with ease.If you store your i Tunes library, or back up your computer, on an external hard drive, consolidating libraries is easier.Plug the hard drive into the computer that will store the new i Tunes library.

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In fact, as it becomes more common to stream music and videos to connected devices throughout the house, more homes may have just one PC.