Columbia study on racial preferences in dating

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Finally, I’m totally confused as to why hotties would be less race conscious; you would figure if hybrid vigor is real that the marginal returns would be greatest for the fuglies (specifically, assuming that fugitude correlates with individual mutational load and hybridization would be better at masking that load).

There were four races in the study: black, white, Hispanic (not a race, I know, but in this study it was) and East Asian.

This post is going to review some findings in a paper which attempts to both describe the differences in race preference for dating by race and across genders, and, why those differences might emerge the way that they do.

The paper is Racial Preferences in Dating, Review of Economic Studies (click the link to download and read the whole thing yourself! Here’s the abstract: We examine racial preferences in dating.

In the study white men and East Asian women often wound up picking each other.

Not because white men have a thing for East Asian women or think they are better looking (they do not, not in this study), nor is it because East Asian women prefer white men.

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