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For these reasons it’s a good idea to revisit the topic of your relationship status after you’ve been seeing each other for a while.

Make sure she knows nothing has changed from your perspective (unless they have) and give an out if she wants it.

On some occasions a woman will say she’s not looking for anything serious when deep down she is.

But she’s willing to wait a few weeks for you to change your mind.

You don’t have to go into much detail but it’s a good idea to ask something like “So are you more of the causal dating or serious relationship kind of girl?

” To make sure she doesn’t feel any pressure when answering this question you may want to go first and let her know what it is you’re looking for.

You may lose a few girls rather quickly this way (don’t be surprised if some girls say they’re not looking for anything serious, yet mysteriously stop calling after this conversation), but that’s exactly the point.

You’re filtering out women who aren’t compatible with what you want.

Is casually hooking up with random women truly how you want to spend your time?This will help you avoid a lot of unnecessary drama down the road.Set Boundaries If you want to keep a relationship casual then you’ve got to set up some boundaries.This will save a lot of headache and frustration down the road.You won’t waste days, weeks, or even months trying to force a relationship that was doomed from the start.

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Instead, you’ll be free to find the girl (or girls) who fit your lifestyle.