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And indeed has them in stock as she types in case you wanted to give them a go 🙂 Well, as Shoesie Q writes, it seems that the summer is still hanging on.

Which bearing in mind that its now pretty much the end of September (!

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Which is a pity as the shoe itself can actually be rather great.

Now obviously “backless loafers” doesn’t sound anywhere fashion-y enough for the style cognoscenti , so some wag decided to sex things up by coming up with an alternative moniker for said shoes.

But sadly they coined the frankly ludicrous Sliced Loaf.

And as you can see from these pics the most fashionable Oxfords, brogues and lace ups are on a bit of a platform. So, ladies and gentlemen, the great news about Autumn 2016, at least in terms of what we’ll be wearing on our feet, is that there’s something for pretty much everyone.

And as doubtless this lovely warm weather will be buggering off shortly, Shoesie Q suggests that you head off and treat yourself to a lovely new pair of shoes or boots ASAP!

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