Broads dating connecticut

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Broads dating connecticut

Anyway, he transferred those good looks over into his role as Darnell, Maya’s husband.

He dealt with cheating, Maya’s friends (who he didn’t like at one point), and trying to do something bigger career wise after having a child with Maya early in life.

A powerful partner at the law firm Joan worked at, he was not only her friend, but her boss.

He also went through some very interesting twists and turns as a character.

The bougie real estate agent who prided herself in being all about the mighty dollar made the show crazy without going over the top. If you watched the show, you know she dated her share of interesting characters (a former sex addict, a younger man who temporarily got her on drugs, an actor, so on and so forth), and her rocky relationships were what made her so easy to relate to.Source: xfinity.Golden Brooks When this show started, for a while there, I couldn’t stand Maya Wilkes. ” and had too much of a paranoid mindset and bad attitude.She was in “The Perfect Holiday” with Queen Latifah, “Drool,” “The Longshots,” did a short-lived TV show called “Gillian in Georgia” (as Gillian) and last did a film in 2011 called “35 and Ticking.” Come back to primetime Jill!Source: tvlistings.zap2Reginald Hayes Who didn’t love the awkward yet hilarious William Dent?

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