Boonex community software dating and social networking scripts escort and dating 101

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Boonex community software dating and social networking scripts

One of the social network developed by Boonex is Dolphin, a community based software where you can find all necessary modules required for a social network.

Dolphin aids the users to download free software and launch their own social network, dating site or online community.

Cogzidel Technologies is a leading custom web development and mobile application development company offering various Boonex Dolphin community websites to the customers throughout the world and offering the following services as well in the boonex dolphin platform: projects and make your site’s online presence unique and custom friendly.

Any company / customer who intend to build a community site for his concern needs to draft a plan including the type of design you are interested in, the theme, the keywords which need to be included so that the site built is impressive and search engine friendly.

You can hire the developers who are well versed in the latest trends in the social web app development on hourly / weekly / monthly or on project basis according to your needs at an affordable cost and proceed further for an effective result.

I’m sure you know of the social network called Facebook right?

If you are looking to set the right look for your dolphin site, you can hire a dolphin programmer / developer by contacting our As known by most, Cogzidel Technologies keeps updating its services using the latest technologies available in the market.

The add-ons listed below offered for highly reckoned script – Boonex Dolphin were available in Dolphin 7.0.3 version.

for your custom work, you can be rest assured that the project would be developed from the development center for a cost effective solution.

As you will be always connected to your chosen developer via e-mail, telephone, mobile phone, online communication messengers such as skype, msn and so on, you will be holding complete control over the entire software development process in regards to the project requirements.

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The great thing about Dolphin is that the software is open source which comes down to the fact that you can modify and expand it as you like without restrictions.

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