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Best friend dating crush

and lifes to short, trying to win him back will probly cause more problems and everyone will b against u.My advise is try to make up with this friend of urs and forget it ever happened All I can say is let it be. My friendship with my best-friend, or a boy I currently like? There are plenty of other boys in the world, maybe this one was just not meant to be. and she sto Le him even she knows how much i Loved him...I (I'm 13 this month, 2nd year at school) made really good friends with a guy (who is 13 and 2nd year at school too), We were really happy.Once you are together, try to make your crush jealous. DONGWOON GIVE ME SOME IDEAS HOW TO TALK WITH HIM ?? Right on moved onto another boy ....hmmmmmm ok tips you wanna get his attention whenever you see him just SMILE see if he smiles back take lil steps not big ones you need to become his freind first !!!After that, they're relationship probably won't last too long & when they brakeup, breakup wit your bf & ***** ur crush up before any other girl can. Ok so start with suttle smiles if he then says hello say hey back if he carrys on a conversation act casual as possible get to know eachother films music etc .... I was heartbroken when my crush confided in me that he liked my bestfriend.Okay u now what i`m only 11 but i have to say u should be totally down with this. right now i like my friends crush and i rlly still want to be her friend and if i lose her i also lose someone i`ve known way longer cuz apparently she likes the other girl soooo much better than me.But thats not the point here, if ya luv somethin ya gotta let it go and if they luv ya bak then everythings perfect.

ok get over him move on not to hate on you but if she was your real friend you would be happy she is happy... Though it sucks when she would say "you'll find your knight in shining armour one day" or joke about her stealing my crush, it was like a punch to the stomach but i guess i should jusd get over it aye. and of coarse he flirts back and idk what to do...i cry all the time bc of them. My bff and my crush staartedto chat on facebook .knew that i love him but he asked her out anyways.

move on, your so young...same age as kind of in the same situatuon. one of my bestest of best friends is in the eith grade and she like him to. Heres the thing Because you guys were never bf and gf, he technically is not at fault for wanting to be with the other girl. Especially for guys, their interest is CONSTANTLY changing. Now, it is your best friend's fault for liking him and ACTING ON IT since she knows you liked him first.

he likes her, so im not telling her about me liking him. Im so sorry this happened to you, but one thing to think about is: do you really want a guy whose eyes aren't ONLY on you? ALso, I think a guy (like Noah from the movie called The Notebook) who is hopelessly in love with you, would make you much happier. Well im having the same problem right now and i felt really love sick after wat my friend said to my crush.

tommorows the valentines day dance and i have a dress thats really sexy which will get everyones attention but she wants to borrow it and if i dont give it to her she'll tell everyone that i watch *****. Guys like a girl who can stay cool in uncomfortable situations, just don't turn into a showoff and NEVER have feelings.

my crush used to like the popular girl but i think he secretly liked me to but my friends the popular girls friend and now i think my crush likes my friend and not be besides she always tried to kiss him after i told her i like him but a few days ago she kissed this oteher guy im 12 and my friends 11 i dont know wat to do can someone give me advice please im soo sad i could cry the hole day and then suicide help me. But just remember, no guy or friend is worth your well being.

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But I love her too much to hate her, though I want to. I told my friend I liked this guy, and then we go and chill with him and a bunch of other guys. thanks (: * Additional details me and the girl aren't friends now because of it ..

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