Benefits of dating a older guy david spade is dating

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So why date one with hair that looks like Christmas tree tinsel?

I’d take a Ryan Gosling over a George Clooney any day.

They're more fun: This depends a lot on how much older you are than your guy, but general rule of thumb is that a guy who is three years younger than you will be a lot more fun than one who is three years older than you and is probably in a more advanced stage in his professional life than the younger guy (although this isn't always the case, a lot of kids get their shit together from a very early age, and a lot of guys just never get their shit together.)They are very eager to please you: Both in the bedroom and outside, since they are under the illusion (false or real) that you have more experience than they do and have a long trajectory of being wined and dined in really amazing places and a lot of sexual encounters to compare them to.

Your younger guy will put a good amount of effort into wooing you with awesome dates and will also have a strong desire to please you and learn from you in the bedroom because he believes that your age equates to you being more knowledgeable than he is.

They respect you more: His mom always told him to respect his elders, and this includes the women that he dates as well.

He will be your biggest fan: The fact that you are older subconsciously makes him look up to you.

This gives you an unconscious license to let your guard down and be goofier and more free-spirited than you would normally allow yourself to be with an older guy. Believe it or not, in the long run, this will make you happier than you could ever be with a guy you feel you need to impress, which is why it is so great to date a younger man.

With a youngster you're not afraid to let him see you at your absolute worst, which means he will see your best side and your worst side and very likely still love you, because he sees you as his trophy (hey man!

These so-called perks are really just myths designed to mask a harsh reality—that drastic age gaps in relationships are considered creepy for a reason.

Some girls are attracted to guys with six packs, others like a little bit of belly.

Some like them blond some like them tall, dark and handsome and some like a combination of all, some or none of the above.

Truth: Because he’s older, he’s undoubtedly making more than most guys your age.

But consider this: his bigger paycheck is very likely going toward alimony payments, child support, private school tuition, college funds, and the expenses for two households. He’s broke by the time he pays out all of his expenses. Let’s be honest though; most men don’t look anything like George Clooney as they age.

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But from cougars came pumas who are girls who date younger men, but are not old themselves.