Are lauren froderman and kent dating

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Are lauren froderman and kent dating

He makes it through the hip hop and the critiques without thinking any more of Alex, but as he goes to change into his prom outfit, it hits him again how awful Alex's injury is, and how much Kent's going to miss him.

He takes a deep breath and clears his mind, heading backstage to stretch.

He can tell that Robert came to the show a young man and matured into a man.

He knows Lauren came and conquered while being a lady and a girl and a woman, and it seems a little unfair that she can still have all that. While the feeling is strange and new, like the pink skin under a blister, he can't say he misses it that much.

It's like the producers are trying to give him a hint with a sledgehammer.

Apparently kissing one girl and pretending to kiss another means you only get to work with boys the next week.

He gets outed about the kiss in the interviews, but he expected that to happen.

In the end, he can’t pass up the opportunity – he just can’t."Dancing is about beauty, passion, love -" "And sometimes sex," Alex laughed, slapping Kent on the back."A lot of dancing is about sex." "But -" "You're not still a virgin, are you? It didn't even phase Kent, because it was Alex, there was no judgment there. "Well, you're young, and you're a dancer, you can't have had a lot of time to mess around."You should have told me.""It was a spur of the moment thing! "Travis just said I should judge if the mood was right –""He told you to do that? I’m really, really sorry.""You should be, Kent." Lauren punches him again." Lauren says, and she sounds kind of angry, but she looks a little confused, and maybe hurt."No, not…" Kent doesn’t want Travis to take any blame for this; he knows Travis was doing him a favor, giving him an out to say the kiss was included in the choreography. "I have a boyfriend, and there’s no way he isn’t going to call me to ask what the heck is going on here. And I wanted to kiss you too, or it wouldn’t have happened.

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Especially after Adam’s speech about how real it was." Lauren runs a hand through her hair, grabbing the curls and yanking. But that only makes it worse.""I’m sorry," Kent says again, helpless.

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