Anthony cumia is dating is cassie still dating diddy

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I recently did an interview for another site about people having Twitter armies who support them and attack their haters (which was never posted), and during the call I was asked about my ex, Anthony.

We've had our differences, and I've said some awful things about him, but it's been resolved in the past few years and I have no ill will toward him.

The satellite exec was snapped in December during the company’s Bon Jovi concert in Miami On the air the next day, the broadcasting veteran of more than two decades joked he got 'a Stern talking to' from Scott Greenstein - Sirius XM’s president & chief content officer - amid the live streamed security breach.‘Instead of preparing for the radio show today, I was getting yelled at for 45 straight minutes,’ he told Small of his tense pow-wow with Greenstein. I might be fired, I might be fired.'The Long Island native said that the executive told him that the incident was ‘out of his hands’ and under review in the company’s legal department.‘He said, “They're not sure if you've been breaking into other offices,”’ Hughes said.

‘They're saying breaking and entering and I'm saying maybe a bit of trespassing.'The radio host said he had a regrettable lapse in judgment in the incident.‘Ah f---, I knew it was wrong! I said that to [Greenstein], "I know it was wrong, I know” ... I didn't sleep last night, I knew, I was like, “F---, we went too far.”’Hughes said he 'didn't think [the cleaning lady] would swipe' him into the area, adding that company officials reassured him that her position is safe.'There are a------- out there thinking I was getting people fired and stuff - I'll be the one fired before they fire a cleaning lady, trust me,' he said.

I really am sorry that he called her a c**t, and I certainly know how it feels. Doesn't bring back any memories of mean boys making fun of my teeth and calling me rat-face before I got braces."Get breast cancer bitch." OK, let me call a scientist to see if I can alter my DNA to include the mutated gene that is known for causing breast cancer. One of my all-time favorite tweets is from two months ago when I wrote about the alleged rapist Curtis Lepore: Luckily, this is something I've learned to tune out.

Here's a fraction of what I deal with relating to my break-up with Anthony: The "savages" comment was referring to a picture I posted of myself with two black basketball players. It took a while, but most of the comments are easily laughed off.

I didn't really know what to say and had no idea what the context was, so I said, "Ummm, sorry?

" She said, "Yeah, well, he did." Then there was an awkward pause.

I’m afraid of talking about who my current man is, or even family, because I know some woman-hating monster will go out of their way to say something awful to them.Small, in reference to the animosity between the shock jocks, joked they had happened upon 'forbidden territory' and a 'No Opie zone,’ but that didn't dissuade Hughes from causing a bit of mischief.‘Let’s see if we can go in there, come on,’ Hughes said as he filmed his approach of the Stern compound, where a cleaning lady in front of the door tended to her job.‘Can you let me in? ’ Hughes asked the worker, thanking her as she granted him access.Henley told Hughes, ‘You’re gonna get in trouble,’ with Hughes responding, ‘Why am I gonna get in trouble?In his longtime feud with Howard Stern, Gregg 'Opie' Hughes might have overstepped his bounds - literally.The Sirius XM host, 53, said his job as an on-air personality could be in jeopardy after he breached the King of All Media's sealed-off wing of the New York City building both broadcast out of last week, gaining access from a cleaning lady as he live streamed the proceedings on You Tube.'We'll see if the old man has a sense of humor, cause I think it comes down to him,' Hughes said Tuesday in reference to the 63-year-old Private Parts star, who wields huge power with Sirius XM brass as the face of the company the past 11 years.

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I don’t want my loved ones hearing all this pointless garbage.