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We show that in equilibrium, the amount of misrepresentation is inversely related to the online daters’ positions on the attractiveness index.

To the best of our knowledge, no other study has presented a mathematical model of misrepresentation in online dating profiles.

‎; 13 February 1835 – ) was an Indian religious leader and the founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam.

Our photo feature has the evidence The Cricket Monthly March issue The dark side of the T20 freelance life Tim Wigmore: It's lonely, players have to take care of their own fitness, coaching and schedules, and always live with the risk of being dropped The hinterland of 40 Jon Hotten: At Lord's we saw three in-between scores of the sort that are as likely to annoy the selectors as excite them Pujara plays India's longest innings Stats highlights from the fourth day in Ranchi, where Cheteshwar Pujara batted for ages and the Australians toiled like they haven't had to in many years Kohli the Indian Ricky Ponting?When he was just over forty years of age, his father died and around that time he believed that God began to communicate with him.In 1889, he took a pledge of allegiance from forty of his supporters at Ludhiana and formed a community of followers upon what he claimed was divine instruction, stipulating ten conditions of initiation.As opposed to the Christian and mainstream Islamic view of Jesus (or Isa), being alive in heaven to return towards the end of time, Ghulam Ahmad asserted that he had in fact survived crucifixion and died a natural death.He traveled extensively across the Punjab preaching his religious ideas and rallied support by combining a reformist programme with his personal revelations which he claimed to receive from God, attracting thereby substantial following within his lifetime as well as considerable hostility particularly from the Muslim Ulema.

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An event that marks the establishment of the Ahmadiyya movement.