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I think consumers let so many things slide by because we are unsure of what to do.

I never could have done it without your step by step instructions.

Had I not done that, he would continue to compulsively harass and besmirch my name.

Rip Off Report doesn't take that into consideration, because if they can't get money out of you, they get hits, and hits mean revenue.

Hate speech doesn't always have to be centered around religion or race.

I was without a vehicle because I paid for repairs to my car that was never done.I followed your instructions and can't believe what satisfaction it gave me!I was almost disappointed when the garage manager agreed to repair my car again and was refunding the money I already paid."As an attorney, my experience has been that the justice system is usually the best way to right a wrong.Unfortunately, the process can be too expensive and time consuming to address some situations.

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I was able to get what was rightfully mine all legally without the expense of an attorney. Thank you very much" -"Not only did your site help us expose a great story in our local paper, but, your Do-it-your self guide actually saved me from losing thousands on home repairs that I knew were not my responsibility.

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