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dogc [email protected], no space i just can't use the c word in the description.

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I absolutely love being around people and other dogs (cats are ok too), but because of my scary past, I am afraid of hands and nervous about being touched or held.

I might try to get away, but I’m getting more used to being touched and sometimes I actually like ..more about Smidge in Florida Biography (tell potential adopters about your foster dog): He is mostly quiet but if he hears a noise he will bark.

He likes to sleep with humans but is crate trained. I have too many dogs to know if he ma..more about Taber Sue in Michigan Adoption pending -Hi there, my name is Joey and I’m being fostered in Texas.

He has some allergies but with his meds he does great. By the look of things I’m not considered a corn fed country boy but rather a long cool drink of water.

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I’m a nervous boy and when I met my foster mom I paced in circles all the time. My foster mom had some belly bands made for me which helped but then I went in and had a complete vetting to include..more about Joey in Texas HELP!!!! I am being held captive by commoners in Michigan and need to be rescued!!! I am spayed and up to date on vaccines, housebroken too.

If you have a castle and understand how a princess should be treated, please contact my caretaker at [email protected] about Penny in Michigan Hi my name is Rudy I'm a 5yr old crested.

I cane into the rescue very sick but thanks to some very special people: auntie Renee for getting me, auntie jj for getting me to michigan and auntie Cecilia and auntie Donna and my foster mom and all the wonderful people at heritage for working so hard to fix me.

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