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Although paruresis bears many hallmarks of social anxiety it is unique enough for one writer to propose a new class of ‘sphincteric phobias’.

Milder forms of bashful bladder are widespread, a fact established by a study that used a periscope in an adjoining toilet stall to assess men’s urine-streams at a public urinal. Inhibitory spillover: Increased urination urgency facilitates impulse control in unrelated domains.

Nevertheless, it is linked to a rich assortment of intense emotions, mental disorders, personality traits, social attitudes and linguistic practices.

From psychoanalysis to neurogastroenterology, and from bathroom graffiti to shameful fetishes, the psychology of the toilet offers surprising insights into mind–body connections, culture and gender.

As social psychologist Jonathan Haidt writes in a review, ‘Imagine if 10% of human nature had been walled off by an irrational taboo.

Wouldn’t you want to peek in and see what was hiding back there? It turns out that there is a significant literature on the psychology of excretion, but it is widely dispersed around the discipline and often obscure.

Time to begin urinating increased steeply the closer another user stood to the unwitting participant (Middlemist et al., 1976).

Parents often seem to understand toilet training as a paradigm case for developing self-control, an inference that is not entirely without merit, as shown by a recent study in which adults made to drink five cups of water and not permitted to urinate were better able to resist unrelated temptations, such as short-sighted financial decisions, than adults with empty bladders (Tuk et al., 2011). Fewer know that Freud also identified a urethral personality (characterised by ‘burning ambition’) and speculated that resisting the urge to urinate on fire was a pivotal moment in primal man’s ascent towards civilisation.Contemplating the absence of excretion from contemporary psychology, I wondered whether the topic was off-limits. Hypnotically induced disgust makes moral judgments more severe. These fears have an obsessive-compulsive quality and sometimes reach delusional intensity, patients misreading gifts of perfume or even the barking of nearby dogs as evidence of their ‘alimentary stench’. Parasites, democratization, and the liberalization of values across contemporary countries. In one celebrated instance farting became a source of safety instead of fear.

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Just as people wish to conceal their bodily waste and prize the inventions that enable them to do so, placing flush toilets 73 ranks above Facebook, so do they try to banish excrement from their minds.