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Skype avalable sex chat

Demystifying Counselling and Psychotherapy By talking things over and making sense of life experiences individuals and couples can learn to understand themselves and make the changes you want in your life.

Counselling and psychotherapy helps you to process: I use a combination of different therapeutic styles to suit your needs.

I use a variety of tools with adults, adolescents and children, primarily The Mythogenic Self Process.Regarded as a community leader, I have also conducted a radio show I called, "Think positive..a change!"; and I published over 240 articles in magazines and several newspaper columns on issues of interest to the reading audience. All payments are by credit card or cash-- no checks.You will learn some essential points that can lead to powerful changes in your life:1- The ground of your experience is the position held within the body at the micro-muscular level.2- Working with me, I will access your most positive experience, literally a position of extraordinary well-being and clarity -- to function as a lens through which you become aware of what is possible for you, rather than what is problematic and causes pain.3- Through our work, you develop the skill set for maintaining an acute body-mind awareness and making this way of being the foundation or starting point for conducting your daily life.

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This process begins within the body and involves learning an extraordinary skill set. The model I use best serves high-achieving individuals, such as those who own businesses, work for a corporation or possess some artistic talents, who want to master a skill or excel in some situation; and people who otherwise believe there is something in their lives that is currently preventing a desired outcome from occurring.

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