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Sexy chat iraq

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She then slightly pushed me and I lay on the sofa, after that I saw her unbuttoning her robe and in a few seconds she was leaning over me absolutely nude.

Her body was slender and her legs were long and slim. ”, she repeated her question and was waiting for me to answer.

My dream was coming true, I opened my eyes and looked at Jane, her tongue was skillfully working on my dickhead and in about a minute she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it.

That was the real pleasure, for a twenty year old guy whose mind was focused on sex only that was more than enough, She was sucking me so skillfully that in about two minutes I felt I was building up to an orgasm, I didn’t want to stop her and I just took her head in my head and started impaling her on my dick trying to get as deeper in her throat as I could, suddenly she squeezed my dick with her mouth and I started cumming, my sperm hit her throat and tried to push my dick deeper and deeper, Jane was a great sucker, she started moving her head along my dick so quickly letting her mouth squeeze every drop of me, my orgasm was really intense, I was moaning and groaning and she was still sucking on my dick even after I completely drained my balls.

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