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Sex chats latinoamerica

The educated speech of Bogotá, a generally conservative variety of Spanish, holds high popular prestige among Spanish-speakers throughout the Americas.

Like most Spanish dialects, standard Colombian Spanish has five vowels: two high vowels (/i, u/), two mid vowels (/e, o/) and one open vowel (/a/).

As in the neighbouring Cundiboyacense High Plateau, there is a strong use of ustedeo (see above).

The dialect spoken in this region covers a vast area of the country with less population density.

"Rolo" (a name for the dialect of Bogotá) is also called cachaco.

It is also an area of strong "ustedeo", that is, the use of the pronoun usted.

Some slang terms, with their literal translations and meanings, include: Paisa Spanish is a "voseante" dialect, meaning it often uses vos rather than tú for the familiar singular "you" pronoun.

The role of this voseo usage in forming the distinct Paisa linguistic identity was reinforced by its use in the works of several Paisa writers, including Tomás Carrasquilla, Fernando González Ochoa, Manuel Mejía Vallejo, Fernando Vallejo, and Gonzalo Arango.

Contrary to a tendency in general Spanish to weaken or relax the sounds The Opita dialect is spoken mostly in the departments of Tolima and Huila, mostly in the central and southern parts of the Magdalena River Valley.Andrés Caicedo was the main writer to depict the vernacular usage of language in an accurate manner.], like that of northern and central Spain.But unlike Paisa dialect, speakers of this dialect typically conserve the "ll"/"y" distinction (i.e.The Valluno dialect or español vallecaucano is spoken in the valley of the Cauca River between the Western and Central cordilleras.In Cali, the capital of Valle del Cauca, there is strong use of voseo (use of the pronoun vos where other dialects use tú), with its characteristic verb forms.

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