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Lots of fun to chat with but a word to the wise - Keep asking for freebies and while he won't bann you it will be as if you don't even exist. Read More View My Profile Watch My Videos petey251 wrote, Jewel is definitely #1 model on F4F. He just made me cum 2x within minutes and then I watched his HAPPY ENDING. DUVIAN J IS ONE OF THE WORST MODELS ON THIS WEBSITE. FAILED TO LIVE UP TO THE PROMISES HE MADE DURING OUR DISCUSSION IN PUBLIC. My show with Ronnye Carter was quite possibly the worst private show I have ever witnessed.

HE IS A TERRIBLE PERFORMER AND INCAPABLE OF ADHERING TO SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS AND DIRECTIVES. In public, Ronnye Carter has tons of enthusiasm, a big smile, and an agreeable disposition. Read More View My Profile Watch My Videos chettywop wrote, Big Fat Zero (0) Stars.

When it comes to sleeping around it's true what they say; 'pussy has no face'.

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / "The Right Way To CHAT/TEXT With A Girl That Will Make Her Find You Attractive" (143017 Views) T2:[MEN] MUST READ: How To Chat With A Girl/woman And Get Her Hooked.

Let’s assume a girl puts up a profile picture on Bbm, you could send her something like: YOU: “I dodge it joor, that picture will not work on me. Don’t destroy my marriage.”You get the gist abi, turn the table around and make it look like she is chasing you.

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/ The More Vulnerable You Look, The More Men Find You Attractive / See What Guy Did To Girl That Refused To Visit Him But Asked For MTN Card (1) (2) (3) (4) Charles Nneji1:*WARNING: Lazy readers, this might be too long for you. *********************************************************************Some days ago I saw this girl at the mall; very pretty girl. And over the years it has increasingly become a shortcut to many girl’s heart.

She was holding her phone close to her eyes & the smile on her face was something else – as in, the smile was so broad I was scared her face was going to tear. But there are two types of guys – the guys that CAN make a girl laugh like this through texts (chats) and the ones that CAN’TI will show you how to be the guy that uses texts(chats) to make a girl laugh.

Plus chatting this way is not boring and that releases all the chemicals in a girl’s brain that makes her view you as someone who has an attractive personality. As in chatting with her like you two already have something going on between you two. make sure you breastfeed her enough, I don’t want story.”2. If you wear something else I will start cheating on you”Now, think up yours…WARNINGDon’t overdo these two strategies. It will show and it will make the girl you are communicating with to see you as someone who needs her attention so bad.

Very quickly, let me give you some examples of possessive jokes.1. “I’m thinking of you having either 14 sons or 16 sons for me. The way to use it is to drop it from time to time and then reverse to having a normal conversation (i explained the art of conversation on my website. If you overdo it you will start appearing like a clown and that’s not good. And while you are using these strategies, be relaxed. INFACT, don’t just go and start using the chatting strategies I explained in this article.

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