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So you can make fun of us for our nerdy cravings, or you can tag along with us to the latest superhero movie and watch Hugh Jackman or Christian Bale run around in a tank top. "You paying the neighborhood kid to shovel the driveway before we get our fat asses out of bed."Or, failing that, hooking us up with a cup of hot cocoa when we come back inside grumbling about moving the family to Florida.Think of it this way: Besides making our morning, that you spent just bought you hours and hours of not having to hear us complain about how much our back hurts from shoveling. After all, we men don't all have the six-pack we want, but that doesn't stop us from acting like we're superstuds."I felt like I was playing hooky -- it was the best!As a thank you, I didn't complain about being dragged along on her epic mall shopping trips for months after that." "More girls' nights out." Yep, you heard us right -- because when you go out with your best buddies, you recharge your batteries, blow off some steam, and come home a happy camper. (Plus, we all know what a few cosmos do to you when the lights click off. ) And, okay, on a much less charitable note, it gives us much-needed ammunition for that "Can I spend the weekend with my buddies in Vegas? "A chance to handle the kids solo." We swear we won't break them."A free pass to skip some boring get-together." We think your family is great. How could we have anything less than affection for your brothers, sisters, and, of course, your parents, the people who raised the woman we love and adore?But here's the thing: We also love and adore lying on the couch, when the only sounds in the house are a televised baseball game and our snores.It's nothing personal, but a Saturday afternoon of pure vegetation, as opposed to making small talk at your niece's birthday party, would be the greatest gift ever."My wife once told my in-laws that I had a stomach flu the day of a big family barbecue," says my brother, Rich, 36, from Miller Place, NY.

Just make sure you hide from the usher." Not only will you make us feel like we're 14 again (minus the cracking voice and socially crippling acne), you'll show us that even though Brad Pitt is shirtless on the big screen, we own the only pair of lips in the world that you want to be locked with.

"A little dirty talk."Doesn't matter when, doesn't matter what.

Even if it doesn't make sense, a whispered sentence that includes the words "throbbing," panties," and "broom closet" will make our week.

Then watch the fog of sleep -- along with other things -- suddenly lift.

"Naked is the best thing ever in bed, along with maybe pizza," says Bob Rybarczyk, 37, who lives in St. "The spontaneity of being woken up like that is what makes it exciting, assuming I could actually be coherent in the middle of the night." And who knows, your adventurousness might just inspire us to new heights of under-the-covers creativity in return.

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"Acceptance of our inner dork." "I secretly crave a woman who will dust -- without complaint or editorial comment -- my extensive collection of action figures," says painter Dave Dorman, 48, who was voted the number one magazine.

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