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Since graduating college in December 2014, I’ve served, bartended, gone door to door raising money for PBS, and now I’ve found myself back in Florida working my first career job. You can be in the most beautiful place doing the most extravagant things, or in a complete dump doing nothing exciting, but at the end of the day it’s who you are with that will make it or break it. I love when a man challenges me to do better and be better.I am a seasonal technician in a sea turtle conservation program, where I patrol the beach collecting data during nesting and hatching season, and input this data into a system for universities and other scientific bodies to use for research. If I’m laughing and the vibes are flowing- that is perfect to me. When he is knowledgeable about many things, but doesn’t show it off, when he commands a room without asking for attention, when he not only puts up with my shenanigans but encourages and becomes part of them.. When a man is constantly trying to one up me, or others. If he can’t listen, and only asks questions just so that he can answer them, I’m not going to stick around.

I switched sports my sophomore year and became part of Furman’s volleyball team, earning a scholarship the year after I walked on.At Furman I studied biology; my first internship was at the Greenville Zoo, where I worked both as a zookeeper and teacher for kids who attended summer zoo camp.This was the summer I made my first You Tube video, “A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper- FU Style”.My first “real job” was working as a server at Tilted Kilt.I’ve been a waitress, a janitor, a tutor, a caller for donations at my university, worked random gigs at sporting events- basically anything to get my hands on a little cash to get myself through college without asking my parents for money.

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I learned how to draw at a young age, and would often attempt a sketch of any wildlife I caught.