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In addition, this refined taste and understanding that timeless classics is out of competition and contest, comes with age, which is why among the followers of the classical canons are more people over middle age.Fundamentals of classical style To create an interior in a classical style is appropriate if your living room has a rather large size with high (three meters or more) ceilings and windows through which light will be abundant to fill the entire room.So, for upholstered furniture, choose practical tones: dark blue, chocolate, slate, gray, marsh.In the interior of contemporary would be successful combination of these colors with light pastel shades for the walls, floor and ceiling, but when it’s turn for accessories – do not be shy, look for blankets, vases, pillows and decorative trinkets of rich colors.But the heavy drapes, on the contrary, are out of place in the room of small size.If possible, designers advise to combine kitchen and living room in one room (possibly separated by an arch), thus increasing the space, and with the methods of zoning the living room – to visually distinguish between two zones.

Flooring should also be done in natural colors: boards of natural color, beige or gray tiles.American style of living room White is a major and leading color in the interior of a living room with features of American style.Also, in a large number may be used shades (ivory, cream, eggshell), which are used in painting the ceiling, wall panels, window frames and casings.So, upholstered furniture will not take up all the space and you can move freely around the room, and in the case of a large company – you can collect stools and chairs from other rooms.You should furnish the room at a minimum and the furniture should be characterized by its functionality with small dimensions – to have additional space for storing seasonal items. Choice of lighting It is important to choose the right lighting in the living room.

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If the room has low ceilings, will suit wallpaper with vertical stripes and horizontal stripes, on the contrary, will visually expand the space.

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