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Meanwhile, Robin indoctrinates Cam into the world of reality shows. Cam goes to investigate, while Robin begs him to stay.

Alone, Robin notices a shadow approaching behind a curtain..Cam tackles the guy, who turns out to be a flower delivery man.

That evening, Sarah tries to decipher the meaning of a series of numbers on the bottom of the message.

Frustrated (and artistically inspired) she paints an image of the Executioner.

Robin runs away and is cornered in an alley where the Executioner slashes his arms.

A shop owner sees what’s happening and manages to pull Robin into his store, locking the Executioner out of the building.

Robin takes the flowers but is puzzled by the note which reads, “My condolences for your loss.” Cam radios Vaughn, who’s at the party, and tells him Justin is a target.

Another one bites the dust…Cam and Vaughn arrive at Heather’s home, as she had previously made threats against Justin and Robin. None of the punishments for the seven deadly sins involve poison, so why was Justin poisoned? At the office, Alison tells Sarah and Dylan that they need to get a hold of Peter’s sex tape, now held by the police. Sarah arrives home to discover Brenda lugging her suitcase down the stairs.She theorizes that Verna must have discovered Peter’s sextracurricular activities and snapped, killing him. She tells Sarah it’s too hard to be back in this town and that they should both leave it behind.And THAT’s when the severely injured missing teen pops out from under the leaves, gasping for air! It’s Sarah’s grandmother, Brenda (who must have had Sarah's mother when she was 4 because this woman looks fantastic).At home, Dylan and Sarah are eating breakfast, and Dylan mentions that barely anyone attended Verna’s funeral. She wants to stay with Sarah until the killer is found, and she doesn’t like the idea of her living in the house.

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A man and a woman are making out in the woods, despite the fact there is possibly a serial killer on the loose and a teenage boy has gone missing.

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