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“If businesses change their model just a little (outside of the six activities listed), they will still be able to operate,” he said.

and decide to go out and do their thing, the police has no way to punish them,” said Mr Okumura.

He does not think that JK businesses are exploitative.

Mr Tetsuya Shibui, a journalist who has written about the JK industry for more than two decades, explained: “As long as there is a desire to meet and interact with high school girls, I think there is no end to generating new (business) ideas.”And thus, businesses like JK Special have sprung up as places where JK girls can mingle with their fans, a large proportion of whom are middle-aged men.“This is one way to reduce the stress I experience at work,” said one such café customer.

Referencing a headline case where men paid to look up the skirts of school girls as they folded paper cranes, Mr Okumura said that JK businesses keep inventing new ways to bypass existing laws.“The Japanese way of thinking is that, if prostitution is forbidden, everything that is not prostitution is allowed,” he said.

“They are doing something that verges on but does not qualify as prostitution.”STEPS TOWARDS CHANGE?

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