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Each day opens up a new experience that kids can explore, almost like an interactive gaming advent calendar.And if listening for the sleigh bells and reindeer hooves on your rooftop isn’t enough interaction for your kids, download the Google Santa Tracker app for them and show them pinpointed, ever-changing GPS locations for Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas Eve. If proof is what kids want, proof is what you can give them with the Kringl app. For years our editor Liz has been impressed with how well-made and magical her kids’ experience with Portable North Pole has been.

Besides, it could save you a 3 hour wait at the mall. When kids talk to Santa face-to-face and he knows their names and hobbies (details a little elf like you provide ahead of time), it’s pretty magical.

They’ll overlay images of Santa sneaking in to deliver the gifts which is pretty fun if you’re not a stickler for good CGI effects.

Also, if you’re not freaked out by the idea that this dude is tiptoeing around downstairs while you’re sleeping. Every year, our favorite Santa tracker is still Google’s imaginative and colorful Santa world.

The folks behind Jib Jab and Storybots got smart when they acquired Hello Santa (above) this year, an app that lets kids log in for a live video chat with the big guy. Plus, it’s recorded live while it’s happening with side-by-side shots of your children with Santa, and then it’s emailed to you about a week later, so you have a record of it you can save and share.

Just be advised that Hello Santa runs a tight ship.

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