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In fact, the eroticization is grounded on nonsexual attributes and more on classical gender roles. Eroticization has more to do with the double meaning in words and situations.

With eight products today, he hopes to introduce four new items next year and is seeking to start exporting to "mature markets" in Sweden and Norway, the 45-year-old told AFP.

British company French Letter sells carbon-neutral condoms made from natural latex produced in sustainably-run forests.

Meanwhile the promise of French website (Forest of pleasure) to plant a tree in the Amazon rainforest for every sex toy purchased is the big attraction.

Adeline Andray, a spokeswoman for Dorcel, a leading erotic film retailer, said that the pleasure factor of a product still trumped its organic credentials, though the company is monitoring the success of their rivals' creations.

Despite these criticisms, France's eco-erotic entrepeneurs are adamant: sex sells.

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The study reveals that the French have fewer partners overall than Americans, maintain more long-term committed relationships, are more likely to be monogamous (surprise! (Sixty-nine percent of single Frenchmen and 85 percent of single Frenchwomen report fidelity to one single sexual partner, compared to 48 percent of American men and 66 percent of American women.) But one of the most striking differences was between older French- and American women.

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