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He WILL make a decision just be prepared to tell him where to go if he starts his control strong I am new to this site but I totally agree with the response given. I was so miserable from the time that i found out that the guy i am dating has a family already and we were dating for 2 years and i had no clue until recently he told me that he has a son.

he is sticking with you because you are giving him what he needed.. you need this unavailable man to treat you the way he does because it feeds your ego and then you cry victim. Let them be with their albanian women and stop wanting to change them... I hope none of you get pregnant for an albanian your life will he hell, you will become a slave, and why be with someone who controls you? I can agree on both sides of the coin, Albanian men are hard work, they are victims of their own upbringing and their culture has alot to answer for.Anyways,just a week ago,i've ask him what is our future and why he put me in this situation. He is now crying to get me back telling me how can you leave me like this , blaming God for everything.His reply was he is getting angry coz i keep asking him the same questions over and over again so I needed to stop. When he ruined my life, made me have no friends, made me leave my family, made me live with his family, leaving my career for him and he didnt work for couple months eventhough we are having a baby he is not responsable.its a nasty circus to watch and you know what they all believe they are the best culture out there. if you are not Albanian and you are a woman and fall for an Albanian man you are doomed.the percentage of any outside culture to live with them unless they are of Slavic decent have no chance of long term or long lasting relationship not if they are close to their community. you will never be accepted by the family and you will always be an outsider.

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What he is doing is dangling the carrot, he doesn't want u to back out of the relationship he just wants u to waste your life with him and put up with situation, if u do not put your foot down u will waste years of your life being second best just getting the crumbs he leaves on the table.

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