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Not much later it turns out William took all of Marianne her money.According law, there is no issue as they were married under a contract in which all their possessions became common.The outcome of their investigation will determine whether the expulsion is definite or not.Jana heads to Boston for the marriage of her father.This turns out in a dispute in which she suffers a cardiac arrest. Eventually, Frank moves back to Simonne although he is aware she had a short romance with Waldek during his absence.Julia caught Simonne and Waldek whilst embracing and kissing.Thuis first aired on 23 December 1995, featuring Pol Goossen, Janine Bischops, Merel De Vilder Robier, Sally-Jane Van Horebeeck, Annick Segal, Monika Van Lierde, Rik Andries and the late Donald Madder. She is able to knock-out William and to reanimate Marianne.

When Olivia confronts Arne, he tries to kill himself.

Meanwhile Marianne and her arch-enemy Rosa work together to set up a plan to lure William: Rosa frequently visits him in jail to beg for money as her car broke down hoping to find out what he did with Marianne her money.

It turns out there is a swindle and William's sister is involved. Olivia decides to visit a doctor to let her blood examined.

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When Nancy is to be caught by Femke, she partially admits and changes her mind: she breaks all contact with Eddy.

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