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Adult phone role play

An empty paper towel roll can be a telescope, a microphone or a tunnel.

A bath towel can be a cape, a blanket or a field of snow.

This is a fun conversation class for teens or adults. ALtvu Uf Ri Wh Hcb Q Discussion questions handout: https://com/redir? Role-plays are an excellent solution to this situation.

Here are the handouts: Role cards and situations: https://com/redir? They can also be used to introduce different issues or topics.

They will then have to change roles, mother becomes daughter and vice versa, BUT they do not start the scenario again, they must continue from the same place.

In fact, experts now emphasize that the invention of an imaginary friend signals that a child is creative and social.

) as your little one learns communication, social skills and the art of negotiation.

Pretend play, sometimes called symbolic play, imaginative play, dramatic play or good old make-believe, also introduces the concept that one thing can "be" another — a huge leap in your child's understanding.

Setting and enforcing rules (like "no hitting with the magic wand") is appropriate, but it's also helpful to remember that toddlers haven't yet learned that there are boundaries between real and pretend, public and private.

There will be lots of opportunities to teach those lessons as your child grows — choose your battles and follow your instincts about what's right for your family.

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Like many toddlers (two-thirds of children between 2 and 5, in fact!

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