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Failure to provide such acceptance may result in disqualification.

Winners may be contacted by telephone or other means should the Nikon Photo Contest Office deem it necessary to confirm any of the information provided.

Personal information provided by entrants may be used as required to: Note that regardless of the entrant's country of residence, data provided in a submission (image data of works and personal information) may be stored in Japan or another country at the discretion of the organizer.

On websites, in publications or otherwise pertaining to the contest, the names of the winners will appear with the winning entries, and entrants' names may also be used to establish their identity in the event that they request updates to their addresses or other personal information.

Neither the organizer nor the Nikon Photo Contest Office shall accept liability for any disadvantages that may arise as the result of inability to receive email.

When submitting works to the contest, the entrant must include an entry form that provides accurate personal information to the organizer.

Note: Prizes and rewards are subject to change without notice and cannot be exchanged, transferred or redeemed for cash.

Note that in the event of a conflict with the laws and regulations of a country, such as those pertaining to exports, or in the event of restrictions on the sale or use of a winning work within the winner's country of residence, the prize may be undeliverable to the winner.

Entries that do not contain the required information will not be accepted.

Please note that with the exceptions of winners and some others, no corrections or references can be made to entrants’ personal information on and after the date of erasure.

Physical Location 516/518 Main Street Between Blossom & Wheat St.

Refunds are processed only for fees paid during the academic year.

The academic year begins with the fall term and ends with the summer term.

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